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Felicia Worrell

As a young woman, my dream was to change people’s lives. I joined the North Carolina teaching profession and made a difference for 12 years. While my students blossomed in typing skills, learning and applying Business applications, I learned something equally important.

We can’t predict life. It comes at us with a fury, and we can’t live unprepared.

During my years in education, I married and had two wonderful girls of my own. I knew life could be fantastic for them, but I needed to change my profession to give them the best upbringing possible. I looked back on my previous work experience in real estate, law offices, and other child education settings, and I knew what I wanted wasn’t to be found there. I was introduced to The Phoenix Associates and NASB, and I knew I had found my home.

In April of 2016 I made it official, and I joined The Phoenix Team and NASB.

We all lead busy lives. It’s the same for me. I love animals and music, too. Weekends at the beach are welcome anytime. My mother and mother-in-law share our home. I understand how important finding time for our families can be, and for most of us, considering life insurance isn’t part of it.

I’m here to make that easy for you.

Since joining The Phoenix Team and NASB, I have helped hundreds of families like you with life insurance needs and have saved them money in the process. My previous employment experience as an educator ingrained in me good communication skills, and I know what it takes to successfully provide you with a positive and seamless experience purchasing life insurance. I’ve worked hard to position myself in the top ten percent of the company and become one of The Phoenix Team and NASB’s top female producers; when you meet with me, you’ll understand why. I will give you options and show you the different life insurance and annuities options. I will also help you secure the type of life insurance that best suits your budget and family goals, all with 100% transparency.

As a creative critical thinker committed to customer care/service and education, my primary goal is to provide you with accessible expertise and an honest, thoughtful, problem-solving approach to life insurance and annuities.

Call me today!

Felicia Worrell

Senior Account Manager

Phoenix Associates LLC