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Stanley Sylvain

I worked in the medical field for 17 years as a registrar and medical staff secretary residing in south Florida.  Customer Service was my strongest point where I excelled.  My love for people allows me to be a major asset in the medical field. 

While I was working, I met a young man Brock Lanier.  We had a great conversation about my dreams and goals.  He told me about selling life insurance.  At first I did not show interest until he began to explain to me the business platform that we have here at Phoenix Associates LLC.  He gave me his fathers contact info Randy Lanier AKA "THE PHOENIX".  I met with Randy Lanier and the rest was history.  I then knew that this is where I wanted to hang my hat for my career.  I have left Florida and relocated to North Carolina and I am loving it.

Stanley Sylvain

Senior Account Manager

Phoenix Associates LLC