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"Bubba" Lawrence

I came to Phoenix Associates LLC after serving in the U.S. Air Force for 17 years.

During high school I was on the football team and was first in my class for academics. However, choosing to serve my country was my top priority and joining the Air Force came before going to college. During my career on the flight line my body got to a point where it was no longer medically possible for me to continue serving. I had finished my degrees in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Instructor of Technology and Military Science, and Computer Information Systems but I wanted something that I could make choices within, own, and watch my ten children grow up.

I got licensed in life insurance in 2014 working part time while finishing my Air Force career. While going full time in January 2016 I was able to serve over 400 clients in Eastern North Carolina and currently hold the record on the Phoenix team for 15,000+ AP in a one week period.

Bubba Lawrence

Senior Account Manager

Phoenix Associates LLC  

Bubba Lawrence at the Heroes Convention 2018 in Concord, NC