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Sammie Lawrence

I come to Phoenix Associates LLC after serving the military, a background in retail, and after attending college for a career in clinical psychology. Residing in Alaska, Idaho, and North Carolina has given me a cross nation perspective on people, places, and business.

In high school, I was an all American girl, on the basketball, softball, track, and volleyball teams, as well as the National Honor’s Society and College Prep Classes Force, and through that I held a 40 hour a week job as a 16-year-old shift manager at a local McDonald’s

After the military, I was an area manager of 16 super center fuel establishments, and then worked my way into information technology (IT) services for the same company, finding that computer software and programming along with extensive research are strong houses for me.  The trend of helping others started young and continued to be a strong driving force in my life.

Throughout my various careers I found that my first areas of employment were not the fulfilling endeavors that I so greatly sought after. After starting a family and becoming a mom to ten wonderful children, staying home was one of the best choices I ever made; however, when choosing to reenter the workforce I knew I was searching for a calling not a job.

Arriving here at Phoenix Associates LLC where what we do matters, and the support is unmatched, I knew I found my calling and home.

Sammie Lawrence

Administrative Assistant

Phoenix Associates LLC