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Dawn Howey

I came to Phoenix Associates LLC with a strong business background. My education is the Civil Engineering field and retired with a 30 year career with the City of Brookings. I have also built multiple successful large businesses with my husband Lyle over the years. We still own and operate two of those businesses. I am always looking for business opportunities and when I was introduced to Phoenix Associates LLC, I seen the business opportunity of duplication and residual income. The compensation plan, training, support and leadership is over the top excellent.  I am excited to find a company that the Partners are helping you BECOME a Partner in Phoenix Associates LLC!

On a personal note: We have three daughters that all graduated from South Dakota State University in Brookings. All three girls are now married- and we are blessed with one granddaughter, Zaylie! My oldest daughter Natalie joined me in Phoenix Associates LLC and she is also enjoying working and building her own Phoenix Associates LLC Agency. My second daughter Stephanie is an accountant and works for the City of Brookings SD, and my youngest daughter Sydnie is a manger at a major event center in Sioux Falls SD.  I enjoy spending as much time with my family as possible- especially with my granddaughter….being grandma is the BEST!

Dawn Howey

Senior Account Manager

Phoenix Associates LLC