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Randy Lanier

Born into a military family, Randy attended military schools, University Military School and Oak Ridge Military Academy, thus learning the art of leadership and discipline at an early age.  Randy was involved in the scouting program earning their highest award "Eagle Scout" and then joined their elite society "The Order Of The Arrow".

In High School was voted class Vice President and also played Baseball.  He attended Western Carolina University.  After which he entered the USAF.  While in basic training he was selected for the USAF leadership school.  Upon completing the USAF leadership school he was promoted to student Flight Captain while in Tech School for the Military Police.  Later to be promoted to Student Squadron Commander.   

After the USAF he married and had two sons Josh and Brock.  Later in 1989 he formed his first company Tropical Pools Inc.  Where he grew it from a shoestring budget to a very successful business.  Later that business was crashed during the economic meltdown in 2008-2009.  

After jumping from platform to platform Randy finally found NASB thus forming Phoenix Associates LLC.  Randy has had numerous nominations for their awards and taking home their prestigious "Horizon Award and the Mutual Sales Leader Award".  

Randy S. Lanier


Phoenix Associates LLC