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Frequently Asked Questions

Are agents paid commission only?

Yes, directly from our partner carriers.  Paid upon issue.  Nine months advance and renewals begin month ten.

Are there any fees to join the Phoenix Associates LLC team?

No. At Phoenix Associates LLC we are in the business of selling insurance. We want our agents to reach their full sales potential in a professional atmosphere. That is why we do not have any membership, training, or contract promotion fees.

Are there opportunities for advancement into management?

Yes. The Phoenix Associates LLC manager program is designed to support and train agents who want to build an agency of any size. 

Can an agent earn a higher contract?

yes, every two months agents may promote themselves based on their production.  Production requirements are clearly outlined in the Path to Prosperity.  

Can I start part-time?

No.  This is a full time career.  We are seeking full time agents only under our program at this time.

Do I need an insurance license to work with Phoenix Associates LLC?

Yes.  All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to conduct business.  A non licensed applicant may acquire their pre-licensing with an online course.  Many are available, we recommend using www.xceltesting.com and to receive a huge discount, please contact us first.

How many leads does the average agent need?

Our full-time agents, on average, purchase 10-15 leads a week. 

How much can a new agent make?

New agents begin with a 70% level contract on some carriers and 80% on some and 65% on some.  Each Carrier has their own starting point. So our average is 70%.  The average agent produces an average of $3400.00 in annualized premium a week.  $3400.00 X 70% equals $2380.00 a week in commission and the carriers will advance the agent 75% upfront upon issue.  This represents an advance of $1785.00 for the week.  And on a 50 week working year equals $89250.00.  However here at Phoenix Associates LLC there is no glass ceiling and the sky's the limit with some agents reaching $15,000 AP in one working week.  

Listen to this for more information.

How much do leads cost?

Leads are the lifeline of any sales agent.  Here at Phoenix Associates LLC we have multiple lead types ranging in cost from .50 cents to $29.00 each and all in between depending upon the age and type.  It does not matter what level contract the agent is.  All agents pay the same without discrimination.  Also, we do not require any monies upfront nor have any quota you have to make.  Our leads are local so an agent can be home each night with his family.  Leads are available on our back office down to the state, county, and zip code.  An agent may purchase 1 or many when they wish 24 hrs a day.  Also our leads are exclusive.